Facebook: Effective Advertising?

May 10, 2011 · Filed Under dLook Blog, Online Advertising Australia 
Article by Mande Crnjak, dLook Account Manager – Like dLook on Facebook

Mande poses the question corporate Facebook pages – are they effective advertising or just another “like”

With more than over 500 million active users, Facebook has quickly become the most influential social network in the world.

But who’s on Facebook? And how effective is it?

Let’s face it, who’s not on Facebook or at least looking at something off a friend’s iPhone during a lunch break?

All people, young and old are “connecting” with people and places from around the world.

An average user has 130 friends and will connect or ‘like’ at least 80 pages.

Facebook has created so many outlets for you (over 900 million) to express how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, where and who you’re with and what you like, that you just can’t help but “update your status” or ‘like’ something, for everyone to see.

No matter what age group you’re in, everyone “likes” everything!

From their favourite movie to their local gym, if you recognise that page, you’re “liking” it!

The Facebook Virus: Like

These ‘likes’ are like a virus!

Whether you’re looking at a friend’s profile or just skimming through your Newsfeed, you’re bound to come across a funny quote, brand, or business you know, and without even thinking, you’ve clicked the button to ‘like’ it.

Maybe even clicking into it and sharing it!

Or suggesting more friends!

And then that’s it!

Within minutes, a few others have clicked ‘like” and that business is getting further exposure by spreading through peoples newsfeeds all over the world.

Or is it?

More and more businesses are creating not only their own websites and directory listings, but are turning to Facebook for extra exposure.

If you don’t already have a Facebook page about your business, or didn’t even know it existed, you will!

It is now rare to find a SEM/SEO professional that isn’t recommending you sign up!

What about those businesses that are already well known? Like Gucci.

If you search “Gucci” in Google, you’ll find their website, a Wikipedia site and of course, their Facebook page.

That’s what’s happening for a lot of other small, medium and large businesses too.

You find a personal site, followed by a directory advertisement and closely followed by a Facebook page.

But which would you choose?

Would you really click on a plumber’s Facebook page? Would you trust him or her?

Say you do click in. Wow, what about those comments on the front page?

The first one says “Highly recommend, fast and reliable service”.

You think great until you see below, “Hunni I locked my keys in the house, can you pick up the kids from school lol”.

Would you use this guy?

Or you’ve clicked onto a page, for example a kitchen renovator’s Facebook, where beautiful photos have been ‘recently added’, displaying examples of the work you’re looking for.

Do you automatically ‘like’ the page and you haven’t even called the guy yet?

How do you know those photos aren’t copied from some other website?

Or are you a business owner with a Facebook page?

You’re wasting all your time adding on videos and photos and testimonials to your Facebook page and forgetting about your website or directory advertisement.

People only find your Facebook page if they know your business name, so how much exposure is your page really giving you?

However, what if you link your website or directory listing to your Facebook page?

We Found You

So people have finally found your business on Facebook.

Are these potential customers taking the extra step to look at your extra (more professional) website or directory listing to get more information?

And if so, how do you know that they found you via Facebook?

The same route applies for directory listings, which create so many links for customers to find more information, directing them to websites, that by the time you get an enquiry, the person calling tells you they found you “on Google mate” or “on your website”.

This leads to the closing question … is a business on Facebook, with information, photos and ‘likes’ providing actual exposure and potential business, or just another page for you, your friends and family to ‘like’?


4 Responses to “Facebook: Effective Advertising?”

  1. heather goodhew on May 11th, 2011 8:48 pm

    I loved this article really begs the questions about facebook as a useful tool for businesses. with all these clicks and likes is a business really getting quality exposure or adding to its “friends list”.

  2. Gabrijela Palinic on May 13th, 2011 1:09 pm

    This article really exposes the diffrent qualities of facebooks likes and what they potetially do and dont do for buisnesses. This artcle generates an engaging discussion from both view points and leaves the responder questioning his or her actions in regards to facebook buisnesses and likes.

  3. Stephen F on June 1st, 2011 3:45 pm

    700 million users – http://wapo.st/jDYNHa

  4. Rachel Corduroy on June 16th, 2011 5:08 pm

    Social media stats show an increase in SMO activity – http://on.mash.to/lzUIqU

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